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*A passionate audience for your services at the UK's first, and only natural life directory - established 2005 when natural was new!

* Over 600,000 hits a month

* On average visitors view 8.6 pages

* Every page fully optimised for search engines.

* Superb "natural" rankings

* Hundreds of Google "Pay per Click" campaigns

* Regularly visited by journalists and media contacts with an interest in natural health

* Offline advertising has included Natural Lifestyle, New Consumer, CAM, The Alternative, Nexus, Cygnus, Resurgence, House and Home, Seek Green Guide and many more

Natural Consumers Matter 

The demand for "natural" - green / organic / ethical is growing rapidly.  Billions are spent yearly on natural goods across all ages, sectors and social classes.

But how do you reach these people without spending a fortune on advertising?

Join the UK's natural life directory and we connect you with this passionate audience.

Look at all these ways you can easily reach new customers...

The site thrives on happy advertisers, and we provide a range of services you won't find elsewhere.  Your registration will put you right at the heart of the forward thinking, natural marketplace.

1) Professional representation of your business

Your directory listing is well presented, and credible.  Includes your business overview, logo, email (protected in a secure form), telephone number and web link. If you have a website, just having a link from us will improve your Google ranking

Here's an example

2) FREE PR to really get you noticed

Send us your news and articles to feature on the site and newsletter. All editorial is fully optimised for search engines by a specialist team. In just a short space of time, content is "spidered" by Google and other search engines.  Each piece you send us will work for you on the site and the web at large. We are proud to have given many of our advertisers premium Google rankings with their news and articles. And with many journalists enjoying the site, you just never know what opportunities may arise!

3) Feature your special offers and competitions  

Everybody loves a bargain! So this is an effective way to boost traffic, enquiries and sales. Want to offer a discount, give away a sample or run a competition? Just email us the details. These feature on the special offers page and in the newsletter

4) Free event listings 

You can add your events from your personalised control panel. These include a live link to your website if you have one. This provides yet another way for new customers to find you. Again, this can really help your Google ranking (especially if you submit your events well in advance)

5) Social Media Support

New for March 2011, we now actively support everything we do within the site on our Facebook and Twitter pages

And you get personal support from our dedicated team

If you need ideas for promotions, help with improving your listing or just have questions about the site, please get in touch. We are not a faceless corporate media conglomerate who have jumped on the natural bandwagon. Like you, we have a passion and belief for making choices that don't harm people or the environment.

Complete control 

You can log in and edit your listing at any time, adjust your text, change a web address etc, easy to access at any time

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Do you have any questions or need assistance?  We are here to help, call our friendly team on 01566 781688 or email

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Could you be our Featured Advertiser of the Week? We regularly pick a new advertiser with a website, to feature site wide and in the newsletter.  We look for interesting products / services and good quality site design.


Any Questions? 

We are not just a faceless media company that have jumped on the bandwagon!  We are as passionate about a natural lifestyle as you 

If anything is unclear, pop us an email or give us a call on 01566 781688 we will be happy to help


Payment options

  • Securely online with Worldpay
  • Cheque or BACS

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