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Solar Power

Listed below are suppliers of solar power products, simply click the links to visit their websites.

Solar power was first used in a practical sense to supply power for spaceships and satellites in the 1950s, but the first commercial solar panels were not produced until the early 80s.

Solar energy is sustainable and doesnt harm the environment; it simply uses the power provided by Mother Nature herself and converts the suns rays into electricity  known as photovoltaics.   Semi-conductor materials push electrons dislodged by solar energy across an electric field to produce a current.  This power can then be diverted either onto the national grid or an independent power supply.  Solar power can work well alone or in combination with other renewable sources such as wind power.

Solar water heating technology converts light into heat; a sustainable, environmentally friendly way of providing hot water for your family, a boiler is used for backup heating.    Traditional gas boilers use large amounts of energy which of course ends up in our atmosphere contributing to global warming.  Solar water heating can save up to 60% of a households energy bill as well as protecting the planet.  

The Solar Energy Society is a non-profit organisation, a forum for all those interested in the advancement of the utilisation of the sun's energy.

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